Net Stars

Friday, July 14, 2006

On the Search

I have started my major search for this weeks Net Star, However I don't think they will be named untill sometime this weekend. I'm kind of ify on as to what I should look for in a Star. I know the Celebrities of the Net are different than those of the real world. They are still know by a large number of people, but thats not what makes them a star. Hit, views, whatever you want to call it is not what make a Net Star. A Net Star is someone who people know by name or face and the net in general knows about them. Not to say that the know net must know about them. We all have Hero and Stars in the part of the net we live in.

I know I have a few Stars and Heros of the Cyber World that I can come to think of. But this is not about who I think is a star it about who are the Real Celebrities of the Web.

I will try and find them all and I know that some will be hurt when they think they had made it in the Web World, but don't give up. I know that it will take some time for me to find you all. If you a rising star and wish to be found let me know so I can help you shine, well I'll do my best to help, but no promises.

Please let me know if you know a Net Star and you want others to know about this hero of the web than let me know. Thank you for your time.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

OK, well I'm looking for a Template

I see all of these sites with Free templates, but I'm not to sure about that stuff. I wouldn't might paying for one at all. If anyone knows someone who sells are makes them I would love a link.

But for now stay by for a site change.

I hope I don't destory my site. LOL

Ok guys please post you else you think should be in the running for net star this week. So far....

I was thinking of

FPS Doug
That girl on my space with the most friends forgot her name
and Molly Wood from Cnets tech review.

PLEASE feel free to throw up some people.

Who will it be............ help me pick

Hmmmmm. Who will it be. I have a few people in mind but I'm not sure who to proclaim the first star of this blog, well of the net in general. Let me know who you think is a real net star. I not talking about people who are famous in real life ( off the net ). I mean people who are celebrities of the web, know what I mean?

Let me know who you think should a net star, they can be from myspace, youtube, whatever. They just need to a a net celebrity

Open for business

Check back for more info after I do some touch ups